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Any financial institution that has international exposure through either its transactions or customers should evaluate, and take steps to mitigate, the risks of the foreign jurisdictions to which it is exposed.

About AML & Sanctions Atlas™

Promontory Compliance Solutions has created AML & Sanctions Atlas™, a geographic risk assessment tool that rates countries according to their perceived risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. AML & Sanctions Atlas™ compiles data on over 200 jurisdictions and assigns each an overall risk score based on Promontory's methodology, which has been developed to comply with the criteria in the FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual as well as the input of Promontory's staff of experienced AML experts and former senior regulators.

AML & Sanctions Atlas™ Ratings


AML & Sanctions Atlas™ geographic risk ratings are independently prepared and objective.


AML & Sanctions Atlas™ ratings use a consistent methodology that is applied to all countries and territories.


AML & Sanctions Atlas™ ratings cover more than 200 sovereign states, dependencies and areas of special sovereignty.


AML & Sanctions Atlas™ ratings use internationally recognized sources of data. In addition, Promontory supplements this data with information about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risks in all countries that Promontory receives through informal channels around the world.


The AML & Sanctions Atlas™ rating methodology leverages the expertise of former senior regulators to identify the countries that represent the highest level of money laundering or terrorist financing risk.

AML & Sanctions Atlas™ Product Features

Country Scorecards

Underlying source data for a specific jurisdiction, displayed on a single page scorecard. Available from the perspective of either a U.S based or non-U.S. based institution. (See sample PDF)

Geographic Risk Rating Report

List of all covered jurisdictions and their respective risk rating (High, Medium, or Low). List is in rank order and indicates if OFAC Sanctions exist involving the country. Available from the perspective of either a U.S based or non-U.S. based institution.

AML & Sanctions Atlas™ Database

Database that includes Scorecards for all covered jurisdictions, Geographic Risk Rating Report, and all underlying source data. All information is available from both a U.S. and non-U.S. perspective. Available on an annual subscription basis which is updated twice a year. The database can also be used to create customized reports and customized risk ratings.

AML & Sanctions Atlas Used by Financial Institutions with Combined Assets Over $15 Trillion

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